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Hi there, I'm Robert Hill

I am a full-stack developer with expertise in Python, C#, Javascript, PHP, HTML, and SQL. I excel at web/software development, automating processes, and creating/integrating APIs. I am dedicated to delivering excellent results for my clients. Contact me and we can bring your vision to life!


Building websites just like this one and web applications. This includes expertise in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for building/styling websites.

Proficient in front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap and React. Experienced in creating responsive and mobile-friendly layouts. Skilled in integrating with REST APIs and working with JSON data.

Project Examples:
  • Cloud Database/Business Process Management System:
    • Developed front end and back end of a cloud database powered by Knack to track/service company requests for training content updates.
    • Created dashboards, workflows/permissions for each user type, automated emails, and custom functions in Javascript/jQuery and CSS.
    • Implemented responsive design techniques to ensure the site was mobile-friendly.

Designing and managing databases to store and organize data. This includes expertise in SQL for designing and managing databases, as well as experience with database management systems (DBMS) like MySQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB.

Proficient in creating and maintaining database schemas, optimizing database performance, and importing and exporting data. Skilled in writing queries and stored procedures, and integrating databases with server-side applications.

Project Examples:
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System:
    • Designed and implemented a MySQL database for a customer relationship management (CRM) system, including tables for storing customer information, sales data, and communication history.
    • Wrote stored procedures for common tasks such as adding and updating customer records, and for generating reports on sales data.
    • Optimized database performance by indexing frequently queried fields and fine-tuning query structures.
  • Content Management System:
    • Developed a Knack database for a content management system, including collections for storing content update requests, users, and website settings.
    • Implemented features such as user authentication and authorization via Single Sign On (SSO), and tracked user activity using a log collection.
    • Integrated the database with the server-side application using Node.js and Mongoose.

Connecting different systems and applications using APIs. Proficient in creating RESTful APIs using tools such as PHP, Python, and Node.js. Experienced in consuming and integrating with third-party APIs, and handling HTTP requests and responses. Skilled in debugging and troubleshooting API issues.

Project Examples:
  • QR Code Generator with Custom Logo:
    • Developed an API that generates QR codes and allows customization of the QR code's color and the addition of a logo image.
    • Implemented GET and POST methods that allows clients to generate QR codes by passing parameters in the URL or request body respectively.
    • Validated the hex color codes and the logo image URL thus providing error handling that ensures the generated QR codes are error-free.
    • The open source code can be used as an API

Automating tasks and processes between office applications. Proficient in Google's Apps Script for building and integrating custom solutions with Google Workspace, as well as Visual Basic for automating tasks.

Experienced in creating macros, functions, and scripts to automate tasks such as data manipulation, report generation, email communication, etc:. Skilled in debugging and troubleshooting automation issues.

Project Examples:
  • Google Drive Search Tool:
    • Developed an internal Drive Search in Google Sheets using Apps Script to find files in Google Drive by a set of keywords.
    • This tool uses the Advanced Drive API to list all files in a Google Drive including: links, file name, file type, modified date, and last modified by to filter data.
    • This tool was used to automate Google Drive research and isolate files pending deletion.
    • An example of this script can be found and used here: Drive Search Tool Demo
  • Data Management Tool:
    • Developed an internal Google Sheets add-on using Apps Script to import and manipulate data from various sources, including Google Forms and a RESTful API.
    • Implemented features such as data validation, formula calculation, and error handling to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data.
    • The add-on was integrated with Google Forms to allow users to easily input and track data.
  • Email/Follow-Up Reminder Tools for Various Processes:
    • Built multiple Apps Scripts in Google Sheets spreadsheets to automate sending emails via HTML Templates using dynamic data from a spreadsheet and sent to a dynamic email list including To, Cc, and Bcc recipients.
    • Implemented features such as dynamic subject and body content, attachment handling, and email tracking.
    • Set up triggers which sends automatic follow-up reminder emails to any recipients who have not updated the spreadsheet by specific intervals of time to remind them of the upcoming deadline if the spreadsheet had not been updated by them at certain intervals of time.



Location: Chesapeake, VA